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Resiklos is an impact maker app to educate, engage and encourage the community space to participate in Digital Plastic Waste Management


Curriculum in Action

As an instructional technology to better engage and teach young students, the future generations, and their teachers, on sustainable Solid Waste Management, particularly plastic waste recovery and recycling 

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Boost Local Businesses

We help enterprises to engage and encourage their market in a gamified waste management platform to boost their sales and improve corporate social responsibility program at the same time

Government Assistance

 An advocacy for environmental protection brand shall be boosted to encourage the participation of citizens and all sectors to fight plastic pollution, deserving Government support both from the national and local levels implementing Environment Laws because the Government cannot do it alone.

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Cross Platform Game Engine

Our Technology

During the height of pandemic, plastic crisis became apparent so we've spent to develop a best in class digital infrastructure enabling community space to experience a unique approach for plastic sustainable circular economy.

The invention would create a database of environment heroes who participated in a gamified plastic waste management, centralizing incentive programs and build an automated waste tracking tool to record plastic footprint of citizens and all sectors.

Our blockchain technology approach is to build transparency and improve security that would greatly help in reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, canals, and ocean more efficiently. 


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Blockchain Development



Hon. Cynthia Villar

I commend the people involved in the Resiklos Project that encourages all sectors of the community to take part in environmental protection.

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 Hon. Karen Agapay
Laguna Vice Governor

In behalf of Laguna Provincial Government, we are with you in encouraging the youth to protect our environment and to have a progressive nation.

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DepEd Binan City Division

We believe in the program and we hereby declare the support of DepEd Binan City to the program of Resiklos.


Hon. Arlene Arcillas
Mayor of Sta. Rosa Laguna

I fully supported Resiklos to deliver a technology for the environment. Our nation will benefit from the program and this will help our economy to recover from the pandemic set backs.

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