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The Resiklos Plastic Waste Reduction Program enables robust impact assessment of new or scaled-up information drive for waste collection and recycling projects.

More than 350 million tonnes of plastic are being used every year worldwide and 3.7 billion kilograms of unmanaged plastic waste in the Philippines alone, and just a fraction of this is being recycled. Plastic waste has become a critical concern to a number of companies and consumers. However, without new incentive mechanism it will be challenging to meaningfully scale up waste collection and recycling to the levels needed to reduce the use of waste material and keep significant amounts of plastic waste from entering the environment and the world’s oceans.

The Green Advocacy Pledge (GAP) is used to establish an educational platform to ignite plastic collection and recycling activities. It drives investment into projects that increase the collection of plastic waste from the environment and/or its recycling. The Program enables the independent auditing of projects to determine the extent to which they have reduced plastic waste in the environment and/or increased recycling. Those who purchase GAP will be rewarded with Resiklos Plastic Credits.

Resiklos Plastic Credits are issued based on how much plastic waste per individual that has to be managed in advance (i.e., what would have happened in the absence of the project activity). This “plastic crediting mechanism” provides an efficient and powerful means to incentivize the participants that verifiably reduce plastic in the environment anywhere in the world.


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