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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Davao City – July 2, 2022 – Resiklos Team and Eagle's Club Davao City and Davao Del Norte are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining the passion to save the environment and organization's leading management world class strategy to lead the delivery and next-gen technology services following the global call from United Nations to solve plastic pollution crisis in the country.

Recently, President Bongbong Marcos said that based on the statistical world data, the Philippines is the Top 1 ocean plastic polluter and Top 3 with an unmanaged plastic waste in the world. Resiklos aim to establish a sustainable circular economy to compensate our lack of technology tools and implementation on plastic waste management. The simulation plan to raise the recycling rate in the country will start on August of 2022 in Davao Del Norte. The highlights of the partnership are the following:

  • Deploy Comuspace HQ as the Logistic Facility for Plastic Waste Management

  • Conduct an inception meetings with DENR Davao Division to discuss the simulation plan

  • Use Resiklos Mobile Application to educate, engage and encourage the community to participate in the plastic segregation

“Partnering with Resiklos to deliver transformation for our community to curb the plastic pollution crisis will allow us to provide the very best solution, livelihood program and portfolio strategies on which we’ll conceive, design, and build the next generation of community wellness and platforms for environmental protection” said President Ricky Manggan Cabaltera. “Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digital transformations and place our citizens on the best path for success in the new digital landscape maximizing our advocacy for the environment.”

Additionally, Resiklos will become part of the major project of Eagles Club in Davao City and Davao Del Norte, a network of partnerships that provides proprietary access to tools, technologies, and delivery capabilities that will help the region deliver breakthrough results and become a model of all the congressional districts in Mindanao.

By connecting Resiklos on more than 2 million population with Eagle Club's deep networks and connection, leadership expertise, the collaboration represents a step-change in the way will adhere to the efficient implementation of RA 9003 - An Act providing for an Ecological Solid Waste Management Program and RA 9512 - An Act to promote environmental awareness through environmental education of the entire Region.

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