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PATCH NOTE 2.0: Version 1.0.0 Beta Release – 24/05/2022

Store Description:

What’s New

Phase 2: Version1.0.0 is now deployed. All features are focused on the verification of plastic wastes from social game events and to validate the earnable reward points to be used in merchant marketplace. We also integrate blockchain protocol for the provision of a decentralized incentive system.

1.) Plastic Exchange is now available. It will be based on the current market value of plastic per grams/kg.


o QR Scanner can be accessed by Verifiers of Plastic Waste at Collection Points

o QR Code is a unique identifier per user to accept rewards

2.) KYC Type navigation and display. The “engine” that dynamically selects and applies KYC Types to a case is continuously improved to reduce processing overhead and improve overall processing efficiency. For this release, performance enhancements were introduced by streamlining processing rules.

3.) Resiklos Wallet integrates binance network smartchain mainnet supports USDT, BNB and RSG (Bep20) - a blockchain protocol that is fully developed and deployed, meaning that cryptocurrency transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology.

4.) Resiklos Points is a type of digital asset found in Resiklos Wallet Dashboard under the point-based system protocol. This is an earnable reward points that can be accumulated from plastic exchange activities, social app events and other app promotions. This can also be traded with Merchant Vouchers in the current phase.

5.) Merchant Marketplace is currently functional for future strategic partnerships with known brands. Merchant Marketplace is a Storefront page with a unique URL where a merchant showcases all the relevant information about their promotions of goods and services. Managed within the merchant portal, a merchant can add the following information to the merchant profile:

o Shop description

o Banner

o Logo

o Contact information

o Opening hours

o Terms & conditions

o Imprint details

o Merchant can also set up the store relations, determine their own unique merchant profile section, and publish online.

o Every reference to a merchant on the Storefront is linked to their merchant profile so that it is transparent who the seller of a product is.

Bug Fixes from Phase 1:

· Affiliate lists from referring the link can be determined by the color coding

· Forgot password

· Verified account

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