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Eagral Social Tech Solutions LTD as it continues to build on its industry-leading transformation to a digital waste management. Mr. Sirach "Sai" Guanzon has joined the company's executive leadership team as Executive Managing Director. In this new role, Sai will be responsible for leading Resiklos Project's digital waste acceleration initiatives ensuring that a growth performance is moving in the right direction.

Sai has over 20 years experience in the field of Direct Sales and Network building. He is an industry leader when it comes to Marketing, Sales and Training. He is also a Business Mentor for start up initiatives in the field of commerce, technology and private equities. Sai is also a distinguished toastmaster in the Philippines and is recognized as one of their top speakers and motivators. In addition, he worked as a top executive in the field of Direct Sales, Social Media, and Farm technology.

We are lucky to have someone of Sai's background and expertise come on board. He will be a perfect fit for Resiklos Project, as we rapidly grow our market in the Philippines aiming to solve plastic crisis to help the LGU's implement RA 9003 and RA 9512.

Mr. Sirach "Sai" Guanzon onboarding with the Resiklos Project Head, James Russell

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