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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Binan City, Laguna, Philippines – August 01, 2022 – The Pre-Summit Event for a Sustainable Circular Economy on Plastic Waste Management using social game approach, the first conference prior to the simulation of Resiklos in Schools and Universities in CALABARZON, it has been announced its first round of keynote speakers from the Pre-Summit event to discuss the plastic pollution crisis solution, being held at the Ecocentrum Splash Island last July 30, 2022.

The agenda, featuring Government Officials in Region 4a, DEPed Division Directors, Philippine National Police Head Officers, School and Universities Owners and Admins, NGOs, Early Community Movers, Tau Gamma Phi Binan Chapter, OKADA Elite Eagles Club and Envirocare focused on exploring systematic approach to curb the plastic crisis in the country. The line-up of high-profile speakers announced their support and the commitment to endorse Resiklos underscores the diversity of sectors and brilliant minds in the implementation of simultaneously keeping the value of plastics in the economy, without leakage into the natural environment.

Resiklos Team together with Laguna Vice Governor Karen Agapay, Provincial Admin Atty. Dulce Rabanal, City Councilor Jedi Alatiit, President Okada Elite Eagles Club Jenzen Turica, Envirocare Team

Delegates heard from founders of pioneering digital plastic waste management and academic leader Dr. Archimedes C. Articulo, a Master of Philosophy from the University of the Philippines Diliman and Doctor in Public and Legal Administration, discussed the Resiklos Binan Clean School Challenge which explores the environment advocacy, integration of game and its mechanics. He also tackled how Resiklos platform can able to provide an ecosystem where it will innovatively incentivized the participants, efficiently collected and recycled plastic wastes to return back to the consumer for use. Among the keynote speakers who supported and endorsed Resiklos in Region 4a: Atty. Dulce Rabanal, Provincial Administrator and Representative of Governor Ramil Hernandez, Vice Governor Karen Agapay, Jedi Alatiit, Binan City Councilor and Committee Chairman on the Environment, Jojo Paguia, Assistant Chief Police Officer of Binan City, MS. Heide Estipular, Founder of Kababaihan ng Maliliit na Mamumuhunan and Envirocare Team.

Resiklos Team Introduced the project to Department of Education (DepEd) Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III during the Okada Elite Eagles Club Induction

Topics include the preparation of proposals for Department of Education to infuse Resiklos in the academic curricula of the students that will expand the campaign of environmental protection and further improve the behavior of Filipino citizens towards plastic segregation through basic education as part of the provisions of RA 9003 - An Act providing for an Ecological Solid Waste Management Program - a.) Strengthen the integration of ecological solid waste management and resource conservation and recovery topics into the academic curricula of formal and non-formal education in order to promote environmental awareness and action among the citizenry and b.) institutionalize public participation in the development and implementation of national and local integrated, comprehensive and ecological waste management program.
Since the media launch last February 12, 2022, many Filipino and international organization from different industries have embraced the project. When the global call to fight plastic crisis from the United Nations initiated, Eagral Social Tech Solutions LTD headed by James Russell, also the Project Head of Resiklos, adhere to the local policies in order to reinvent and recalibrate the system on plastic waste management through digitalization. He gave emphasis on the welcome remarks that “without the solid participation of private sectors and ordinary citizens, our environment laws are useless.” He also said that “our government cannot do it alone.” Highlights of his welcome remarks: “This is where RESIKLOS plastic waste digitalization come into effect. By providing a recalibration system on the current plastic waste management process, we can do better. Our value proposition is to build a community of environment heroes where the behavioral change toward plastic segregation is the key element to be able for us to succeed the fight against plastic pollution.”
The Resiklos Team want to open people’s minds beyond their industry ‘bubble’–to create new, unexpected collisions, conversations, and collaborations–between the government, private sectors and ordinary citizens working in different industries. Resiklos will look radically different post-pandemic, and will be all about new intersections between environment, healthcare, and technology. The 2022 pre-summit is the initial step towards giant global puzzle welcoming international delegates and the magic we make together for the project’s deployment acceleration. This Pre-Summit will most certainly deliver on the theme: “Resiklos Sustainable Circular Economy on Plastic Waste Management.”

Images from the Pre-Summit Event - July 30, 2022

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