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November 2022

1.) Establishing North for Resiklos

We have visited LGUs in Pangasinan District 2 and 3 to present Resiklos end-to-end solutions for plastic waste management and to consolidate data regarding their solid waste management system. We have verified that their waste goes to landfills. Our goal in Resiklos is to recover and educate our community to segregate plastic waste before it ends to landfills to prevent the leakage in the ocean as well as clogging our canals. We have included Pangasinan District 2 as our strategic area to deploy Resiklos Clean School Challenge.

December 2022

2.) Resiklos Clean School Challenge 



3.) DepEd Binan has released the official contract with Resiklos!



January 2023

3.) KonsultaMD - the biggest telehealth company in the country has pledged P5,000,000 worth of Voucher to incentivize our community who will participate in digital plastic exchange!


4.) Envirotech Plastic Recycling Inc. has released the certificate of partnership for Resiklos as their tech partner. Envirotech is assigned to convert plastic waste to by-products such as tiles, school arm chairs, furniture and other construction materials. 


5.) Resiklos Blockchain Team has started to introduce the project to the Blockchain Space

a.) Blockchain Convention Philippines


b.) Hello Charlie Team Joins Resiklos Blockchain Team to Spearhead Resiklos NFT Minting this first quarter of 2023. Hello Charlie is a community and art-focused project with a mission to empower, connect, support, and inspire people in the Metaverse and In Real Life. Their aim is to bridge Web2 to Web3 by providing platforms focusing on transparency for endless opportunities, collaborative work, and beneficial partnerships. They have raised 223 ETH or P20 million in peso.



In line with this Release Note 3.0, we have succeeded in establishing an information drive in Binan City Laguna. This model will be replicated in Pasig, Cainta, Marikina, 2nd District of Pangasinan, First District of Laguna including Calamba. Through this way, we can solidify our community and use cases of our Resiklos Utility Token to establish value in the future.

In the aspect of ground operation, in preparation for the high influx of plastic waste collection, we are now focusing on deploying Plastic Recycling Machines in Metro Manila, Laguna and Tarlac to sustain our ground operation. The cashflow from Resiklos NFT Minting will be allocated to Plastic Recycling Machine to convert and create by-products such as tiles, school chairs, furniture and construction materials made of plastic waste to stabilize our main cash flow model. Through this, Early Movers can soon enjoy the 6% equity pool from the sales of our by-products. 

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